Goodwin Motor Group has been around a long time, since 1925. What started as a "fireproof" warming garage for cars in the cold of Maine winter, has transformed into a 5 location dealership group, complete with domestic and luxury foreign vehicles. We wanted to make space for sharing of articles and histories of the group for anyone who was interested. It's rare indeed to have a Family business that actually stays in the family without getting bought out by another group. 

Without fail, The Goodwin Family has stuck by its dealerships and it's employees to foster and grow a large workforce that feels appreciated and knows when a job has been well done. These are the same values we like to pass to our customers. Once you're in, you're family. Select any of the articles below to learn a little more about our collective history. 
The Original Fireproof garage at what is now the Tontine Mall.

Joseph M. Goodwin - Original Founder of the Goodwin Motor Group.
Goodwin Motor Group Celebrates 50 years. Several of these employees pictured are still with the company today.